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Whether a believer or non-believer in a god or gods, this book has been written to help answer some of our
biggest questions about life here on planet Earth; for instance, why do bad things happen and why is there so 
much turmoil and conflict on Earth? It will provide insight into the previous ages - from 4000BC to 2000AD - and
explain what is happening, right now to the evolution of souls as we enter the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

Following on from the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, Ancestors unravels the mystery biblical figure of Adam.
It also discusses our DNA and why it contains alien traces and coding that will provide a blueprint for future  
human behaviour and evolving intelligence during the Age of Aquarius.

This book as well as offering further insight into Earth's mysteries will confirm our growing awareness that we 
do indeed have ancestors from the stars.

RattleSnake Fire by Jean Eisenhower (Generous Permission given by Jean as free E Book)

A memoir of psychological healing, with shamanic initiation, flashbacks of childhood sexual abuse, shadowy networks involved in mind control, and extra-dimensional experiences and entities, all of which challenge and/or assist my ultimate healing.

“...a tour de force...not only a work of great literature, but an important historical document...a book not to be missed!” -- Alfred Webre, JD, author Exopolitics
“truly an inspiration... I predict that this book will remain a classic long after many others have fallen by the wayside.” -- Karyn Dolan, journalist
“points us to encouraging possibilities ...of expanded cosmic consciousness” -- Ralph Mezner, PhD, consciousness researcher
“articulate and intelligent contribution to the collective conscious process of? understanding oneself in four dimensions ... enlightened compassion and saving humor.” -- Neil Freer, researcher??
“powerful and profound....a beautiful tapestry of healing”
-- Rebecca Hardcastle, PhD, consciousness researcher
“a wild tale....  Great work” -- Rob Simone, international media producer
“intellectual honesty and critical discernment....  Credible... innate integrity.” --James Gunn, psychologist and author

II certify that the following text is the absolute truth and no work of fiction. These are parts of a transcript of an interview I’ve made with a non-human and reptilian being in December 1999. This female being was already in contact with a friend of mine (whose name is given only with the abbreviation E.F. in the text) since some months. Let me declare, that I was all my life a skeptic about UFOs, aliens and other weird things and I thought that E.F. tells me just dreams or fictitious stories when he talked with me about his First Contacts with the non-human being "Lacerta". I was still a skeptic when I met this being on December 16 last year in that small warm room in the remote house of my friend near to a town in the south of Sweden, despite the fact that I saw now with my own eyes that she was not human. She has told and shown me so many unbelievable things during that meeting that I can’t deny the reality and the truth of her words any longer. This is not another of that wrong UFO papers which claim to tell the truth but tell in fact just fiction, I’m convinced that this transcript contains the only truth and therefore you should read it.           
This book is the first in-depth, authoritative look at the flying saucer phenomenon and is considered to this day to be one of the best books on the subject ever written. Extremely well researched work with facts that were documented, containing none of the disinformation and hype that has crept into the field over time. The author was a retired Marine Corps Major who became an aviation writer, and was therefore perfect for the job of researching and writing this book. Using his own knowledge and information from friends in the military, Keyhoe came to the conclusion that UFOs originate from outer space and the U.S. military was engaged in a cover-up. He includes a number of documented cases whereby thousands of people witnessed strange objects in the sky all at the same time, in various parts of the country. Eyewitnesses are interviewed and much is done to show how and why the veil of government secrecy was enforced.


"Attorney William Bramley ... spent seven years trying to understand the root   causes of war before finally disclosing his startling conclusions in The Gods of Eden. Here, Bramley reveals that UFOs, or the 'gods' and other strange beings associated with UFOs, may have shaped human society from deepest antiquity. 'UFOs have been lurking in the shadows of history for centuries,' he says. 'Surprisingly, they may be a key to unravelling the human puzzle.' Readers of Zecharia Sitchin will find many familiar themes in Bramley's analysis."

The Book of Enoch, written during the second century B.C.E., is one of the most important non-canonical apocryphal works, and probably had a huge influence on early Christian, particularly Gnostic, beliefs. Filled with hallucinatory visions of heaven and hell, angels and devils, Enoch introduced concepts such as fallen angels, the appearance of a Messiah, Resurrection, a Final Judgement, and a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. Interspersed with this material are quasi-scientific digressions on calendrical systems, geography, cosmology, astronomy, and meteorology.

This etext has been prepared specially for sacred-texts, and is a great improvement over other versions on the Internet, with the introduction, correct verse numbering, page numbers from the 1917 edition, and intact critical apparatus

NOTE: Please go to which contains lots of free resources for learning about the ET presence and how to prepare for it. 

Over twenty years ago, a group of individuals from several different worlds gathered at a discreet location in our solar system near earth for the purpose of observing the alien intervention that is occurring in our world. From their hidden vantage point, they were able to determine the identity, organization and intentions of those visiting our world and monitor the visitors' activities. This group of observers call themselves the "Allies of Humanity. 

Also, recommend  Steps to Knowledge, by Marshall Vian Summers.  More info at: 

Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara MarciniakCompiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning his or her existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious--and consciousness

Dreaming The Pyramid by Stephane Wuttunee (Generous permission granted to post this free Book)

The author’s awakening started in 1991 at age 22. He began dreaming of humanity’s past, various mathematical symbols, and pyramid shapes similar to the ones found in Egypt. These progressed to feeling physical touches on his skin and hearing voices. Fearing he was becoming delusional, he left on a journey that involved 9000 km of wilderness canoeing, as well as living out of a backpack for ten years. Insights imparted by his travels and research as well as time spent with Indigenous elders from around the world became the basis for the information found on his website.

Besides providing an alternate view of the Great Pyramid’s nature and purpose, his mission is to help us remember that we are not victims trapped in a cold, uncaring Universe.  Rather, we are powerful spiritual beings who long ago decided to build, along with God, a virtual environment through which our creative abilities could be explored.  Thus, we helped manifest not only the Universe, but also the Earth and its flora and fauna.  Unable to take physical form ourselves, we gradually took over the will and bodies of the planet's newly evolving organisms to experience living through them.  Smitten with the Earth’s pleasures, we eventually became unable to free ourselves of their grasp except through death and rebirth.  In short, we became trapped within an invisible cage, struggling to wake up ever since.

DREAMING THE PYRAMID differs from other pyramid works in that it treats the Great Pyramid as a spiritual symbol rather than a stone structure. It is also unique in that it is authored by a Native American (Wuttunee is both French Canadian and Plains Cree First Nation).



The Consciousness of the Atom by Alice A. Bailey [1922]

The eminent esoteric author Alice Bailey, published dozens of books, but they are hard to find in electronic form on the web. This is because Lucis Publishing Company (in 1922 called 'Lucifer Publishing Company'), her exclusive publisher, has aggressively challenged web postings of her material using copyright law. However, this book, prepared from a genuine 1922 first edition, is firmly in the public domain in the United States by the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, because it was published prior to 1923.

This book was apparently delivered as a series of weekly lectures in 1921 and 1922, and published later in 1922. Bailey, even at this point in her career, shows a mature grasp of esoteric issues, and deftly brings in scientific concepts such as radioactivity and the fourth dimension. Unlike some other authors of this genre, she invokes leading-edge science when it moves the argument ahead, not to impress the reader with her erudition, or to baffle the audience with irrelevant facts.

She sees the universe as alive at all scales of existence. While the comparison of an atom to a solar system no longer holds true, her vision of how consciousness evolves even in the micro-scale and macro-scale, and how that is mirrored in the tripartate human being, is a lucid explanation of an occult world-view expressed by many other thinkers.

Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium. The Story of Alex Collier and his lifetime personal contact with the Zenetaen
culture from Andromeda. Produced by Letters From Andromeda and Diversified Enterprises Edited by Val Valerian, January 1997, Revised July 1998 In cooperation with Moraney and Vasais of Andromeda Defending Sacred Ground.

Andromeda by Robert Shapiro

A group of Andromedans visited a University of Mexico professor of physics and atomic energy, Professor Hernandez (not his real name), in the 1970s and early 1980s. He was given highly technical information on a method to manufacture a shield around any jet plane, which would then allow pilot and passengers to fly to Mars—or whatever planet or star they wanted to reach— in comfort and safety. But because of where and how the professor lived, the times and other factors, he was not able to use this incredible information. After many visits from the Ets and an expansion in consciousness, he was committed to a mental institution. Shortly after he was released, he was last seen sitting in a park near his home in his walking shorts reading a newspaper. He never returned to his home that day—he disappeared forever. His journals were taken and the information from the Andromedans was never made public.

Before he was forced to enter the mental institution, the professor had talked to a UFO researcher in Mexico, Ms. Zitha Rodriguez, and she had written down what he said in shorthand. Unfortunately, when she came to transcribe her notes, she did not understand the scientific words and so was unable to re-create exactly what the professor had told her. Nevertheless, she published what she had. Then Wendelle Stevens transliterated the Spanish of Ms. Rodriguez’s book into English and published it in his UFO Contact series to make the information available to the public.

UFOs Are real by Sergeant Clifford Stone

I found Sgt. Stone's book a masterpiece. It proves to me that the US Government is aware of UFOs, Actively engaged in learning more about UFOs, and is actively hiding these truths from us the people and the US Congress. Having read the book, and having heard Sgt. Stone on many radio programs, I was so impressed that I went to his home and interviewed him. His personal story is even more intriguing. His research is so great because he was there. He was part of the secret for many years. He knew where to look for proof of the TRUTH. UFOs Are Real.



The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

Despite its apparent materiality the universe is actually a kind of 3-D projection and is ultimately no more real than a hologram. This astonishing idea was pioneered by two of the world’s most eminent thinkers, physicist David Bohm, a former protégé of Einstein, and the quantum physicist Karl Pribram. The holographic theory of the world encompasses not only reality as we know it, including hitherto unexplained phenomena, but is capable of explaining such occurrences as telepathy, paranormal and out-of-body experiences, synchronicity, ‘lucid’ dreaming and even mystical and religious traditions such as cosmic unity and miraculous healings.  Now, in The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot reveals the extraordinary depth and power of this radical theory. He explains the theory behind a holograph and how it provides a model for aspects of brain function and for whole areas of quantum physics. Illustrating the paranormic way in which the holographic model makes sense of the entire range of mystical, spiritual and psychic experiences, Talbot pushes the barriers to explore the implications for other universes beyond our own.

Anti Gravity and the World Grid by David Hatcher Childress

What is the World Grid? How can it be it mapped? What does it do? Why should we be concerned about it? What does it have to with anti-gravity? In my many travels around the world in search of lost cities and ancient mysteries I have often wondered if there was some link connecting many of the ancient megalithic sites. Some years ago I discovered that there was no such thing as a coincidence. If the placement of ancient sites was no coincidence, what then was the overall organizing principle for the carefully laid out world wide pattern? Are megalithic sites laid out on a grid? What is a grid anyway? According to my large and trusty Webster's dictionary, a grid is " a network of uniformly spaced horizontal and perpendicular line, specifically one used for locating points


Ufos and Anti-Gravity: Piece of a Jig-Saw by L G. Cramp
This is Leonard G. Cramp's amazing book UFOs & Anti-Gravity - Piece for a Jig Saw (1997) which is a reprint of 1966 classic book on flying saucer propulsion and suppressed technology. Long out-of-print, UFOs & Anti-Gravity is a highly illustrated and technical look at the UFO phenomena by a trained scientist. Cramp first introduces the idea of 'anti-gravity' and introduces us to the various theories of gravitation. He then examines the technology necessary to build a flying saucer and examines in great detail the technical aspects of such a craft. Cramp's book is a wealth of material and diagrams on flying saucers, anti-gravity, suppressed technology, G-fields and UFOs. Chapters include Crossroads of Aerodynamics, Aerodynamic Saucers, Limitations of Rocketry, Gravitation and the Ether, Gravitational Spaceships, G. Field Lift Effects, The Bi-Field Theory, VTOL and Hovercraft. This book puts speculation back in the box! Within it you will find plenty of photographs and results from dozens of carefully executed scientific experiments in the field of anti-gravity. Find out how UFOs do what they do and what it is like to fly one.

The Fantastic Adventures of Nikola Tesla, by Nikola Tesla and David H. Childress.

First Biographical Sketch (1691), The First Patents (1666 to 1606),

Experiments With Alternate Current Of High Potential & High Frequency (1691), More Patents (1689 to 1900), Transmission of Electric Energy Without Wires (1904), Tesla's Amazing Death-Ray,

The Most Unusual Inventions, The Last Patents (1913 to 1928), Tesla & the Pyramids of Mars ,Appendix: Supreme Court documents on The Dismantling of Wardenclyffe Tower


The Otherness: A Personal Interaction by Tim Watts
This is a book written by a British man who has seemingly experienced alien abduction over the course of much of his life.  His account of his experiences is a direct one full of detail.  The life of Tim Watts has clearly been strongly influenced by his adult awakening to the reality of his childhood experiences.  He describes his frequent attendance at a ‘secret night school’ as a child.  The memories of the events that took place have surfaced over time, in a more or less random way, and this succession of new memories had had its effect upon Mr. Watts psychologically. 

This book is not a polished work of art.  It contains a great deal of emotionally charged self-reflection and shows much inner conflict.  It is this pure rendition that hints at the truth behind his account; the man is evidently struggling to come to terms with the whole business of his alien interaction, and at times it is too much for him.  We hear of fluctuations in his mental health, spanning energetic periods of creative drive through to bouts of depression. 
This rings true as being a more or less ‘normal’ reaction to the kind of realization that Tim Watts faces, as his understanding of his early life unravels revealing a reality that he calls “The Otherness”.

The Mission Of The One Star by Alloya N Huckfield

This book creates a unique 'map of consciousness' for the reader and uses that map to adroitly navigate the aspects of the multi-self. "The Mission of the One Star" conveys more of a process than an idea. The reader is invited on a journey that begins with a concise description of the levels of consciousness in a 12 dimensional universe. For most people, it is difficult to imagine anything beyond 3 dimensions, but the book emphasizes how people must learn to become aware of the 4th and 5th dimensions. Once aware, the people of this day and age must learn to integrate those multi-dimensional aspects of themselves. Any explorer of other worlds needs a guide that they can trust and rely on. Such a guide is not always easy to find - so Alloya presents many guides, all part of the self. She presents guides that range from a part of the body to a form of consciousness in the universe. One of the most uplifting guests is that of a future Gaian who describes the Eden-like reality of the near future for those who are ready and how the process of transforming Earth to Heaven is up to the individual. Each guest resonates with a different aspect of the self that needs to be healed. The book is not merely a collection of interesting opinions, and 'strange theories of light and matter', it is also a manual for elevating the consciousness out of the misery of separated 3D existence and into the bliss of the higher dimensions. There are many exercises described which the reader can try immediately and gauge the results. The effects are tremendous and quite noticeable. The idea that, 'you create your own reality', has never been so attaina


Inside The Space Ships by George Adamski.

This is Adamski's own story of what happened to him since then. It begins with his first meeting, a few months later, with a second man from another world. His first meeting withone who speaks to him. this second  visitor brings him to a Venusian Scout ship and this, in turn, brings him to a mothership. Later he is conveyed in both a Scout and a Saturnian mothership. Adamski tells us what transpires in these space craft and what the men and women from other worlds have told him.

Flying Saucers have Landed by Desmond Leslie & George Adamski, 1953

Adamski claimed he met with one Nordic alien, surnamed "Orthon", in 1952 at Desert Center. While friends watched from a distance, Adamski started a conversation of gestures & telepathy. Adamski wrote his first account in "Flying Saucers Have Landed" (1953) with his friend Desmond Leslie. While Leslie was more precise, Adamski was vague, excited but quite childish in telling the story.


My interest and my convictions about the validity of George Adamski's UFO contacts had been growing steadily since late 1979 when Swiss journalist Lou Zinsstag had given me her original manuscript on Adamski who stayed with her on his trips to Europe. She was personally acquainted with George almost from the time he came to the attention of the press in 1953, and they corresponded and met when possible since that time. Modified parts of that manuscript were used in "GEORGE ADAMSKI, The Untold Story" by Lou Zinsstag and Timothy Good. The gold Papal medal given Adamski by Pope John XXIII is kept today in the safe in Lou's brother's jewelry store in Basel, Switzerland. My convictions were reinforced after reading Bruce Cathie's report on Mr. Adamski following his personal investigations in March of 1979, the only recognized UFO researcher ever to go to that trouble. He published a report on his findings in the last pages of his book "THE BRIDGE TO INFINITY".

My Contact With Fling Saucers (1952) by Dino Kraspedon

Dino Kraspedon
(1905 - 2004) was the pen name of Brazilian Oswaldo Oliveira Pedrosa. He was born in Pedra do Baú and died in Uberaba, Minas Gerais. In 1952 he published Meu Contato com os discos voadores (My Contact with Flying Saucers), a book that tells the story of his claimed contact with a flying saucer commander, who didn't give any name, at a road near Kraspedon's homeland. The visitor basically explained physics concepts from a different perspective, and gave insights on how to improve humanities social conditions. His book became popular at the time it was printed and Kraspedon was accused of Communism, given the content.

The Secret of the Saucers by Orfeo Angelucci 1955

Angelucci’s first experience with a UFO was August of 1946 in New Jersey. He had sent up some mold cultures with a weather balloon to test the effect of high altitudes upon them. He lost the cultures and was starting to get upset about the loss of months of mold-growing when he saw some sort of craft in the sky which he was unable to identify.

Angelucci subsequently moved to the West coast, and was living and working in Burbank when he was first contacted. Driving home from his evening shift at the Lockheed plant on May 23, 1952 at about 12:30AM,. he saw an oval red glow ahead of him which appeared to be getting brighter but not getting closer. Angelucci followed it to a side road with the glow about thirty feet ahead of him when he stopped his car. The red egg suddenly shot away into the air, and two bright green balls of light each about three feet in diameter shot out of it towards Angelucci, stopping a few feet away from him.

A masculine voice came from the lights telling him not to be afraid and to get out of his car. The voice reminded him of the mold-bearing balloon and the unknown craft in the sky, telling Angelucci that he had been watched over since then. He then noticed a crystal cup”on his car’s fender which contained a bubbling golden liquid which he was commanded to drink, after which Angelucci felt great. The green lights then combined into a screen in which an attractive man and woman spoke to him telepathically. They told him the disks could be considered synthetic brains”and that they were being directed by a mother ship”far above the Earth. The screen eventually turned back into pulsing green orbs which shot back up into the sky, leaving Angelucci very confused. He went home and stayed in bed for two days.

His second contact was on July 23 when he saw a translucent igloo-shaped craft about 30 feet high in the dry Los Angeles riverbed. Angelucci was invited inside the windowless dome and after sitting down could tell by a change in pressure that he was being taken into the air. A circular window eventually opened up before him to reveal the Earth from space. Gazing at the planet suspended in stars, his eyes filled with tears and a voice said Weep, Orfeo. Let tears unblind your eyes For this moment we weep with you for Earth and her Children.”The cigar-shaped mother ship then drifted into view, which appeared to be about ninety feet in diameter and a thousand feet long. The voice was eventually revealed to be named Neptune.”During later incidents, Angelucci was called Neptune”and told that on other planets you can be other people and they can be you.

On August 2, Neptune told Angelucci that The Great Accident”threatened to destroy the Earth in 1986.

Angelucci attended the annual Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions”put on by George Van Tassel and was author of The Secret of the Saucers (1955).


We Met the Space People by Helen and Betty Mitchell [1959]

This is a UFO contactee account by two sisters from the Midwest US in the late 1950s. The Mitchell sisters, Helen and Betty, are approached by space aliens, who can pass for human beings, in (of all places) a coffee shop in St. Louis, Missouri. On a second encounter (again in the coffee shop) they are given a schematic for a communicator, which they build, and through it they receive messages from the Space People from Mars and Venus. Unlike the more aggressive aliens of later decades, they wait until the third date to take Helen on a ride to the mothership. There she learns that the aliens have one-piece uniforms that 'feel like satin,' speak a Universal Language, and play a game like shuffleboard when off-duty.

After Helen returns, the Space People transmit an urgent message that nuclear weapons testing must be ended, otherwise our civilization will go the way of Atlantis. One thinks that they would have mentioned this earlier when she was on the mothership. And why deliver this rather important message to the Mitchell sisters of Saint Louis, Missouri? Why not the United Nations or President Eisenhower? Other ideas that the Space Brothers tell the sisters to spread are vegetarianism and the need for educational TV. Nuclear test ban? Educational TV? Apparently the Space People are (gasp) liberals.

The White Sands Incident by Daniel Fry

At a time when people everywhere are becoming conscious of the existence of other people from other worlds and when men of earth are about to realize their age-old dream of interplanetary travel, it is most timely to learn from a competent observer just what it takes to understand the meaning and purpose of the persistent visits to our atmosphere of Flying Saucers and extra-terrestrial people.

It takes considerable courage and determination to relate an incident which may seem incredible to the average person who has no corresponding experience with which to compare it, especially if one's reputation, position and livelihood are at stake.

The White Sands Incident would perhaps never have become publicly known had not Daniel W. Fry realized the vital need of the world for just the kind of information the extra-terrestrial people had given him. Yielding to the urgency of the situation he has at last (after four years of silence) revealed his astounding experience which includes a ride in a remote-controlled space ship from White S

    Council of Seven Lights by George Van Tassell 1950’s  -BOOK REMOVED PER REQUEST

I first read "The Council of Seven Lights" in 1974, and have looked for the last 26 years for a copy of the book to read once again. This little book has more informational material on the subject of our relationship to space and God than any of the works written on this subject since it was first released in the 1950's. In a simple and complete manner the most complex aspects of the inner workings of creation and the inter relationship between races of space beings is clearly explained. A must read for serious seekers of knowledge in this area of study.

Inside Saucer Post 3-0 Blue by Leonard Stringfield 1957

Leonard Stringfield was born in 1920. He was director of CRIFO (Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects) - one of the world's largest research groups during the mid-5Os and publisher of its newsletter, ORBIT (1953-1957). He also worked in cooperation with the United States Air Force (1953-1957), investigating and reporting UFO activity, having been assigned a special code number to report by phone to the Air Defense Command in Columbus, Ohio. For over 30 years Stringfield served in several of the major UFO Organizations in a public relations capacity. From 1957 to 1970, he was public relations adviser with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. Later on it was director of public relations and board member of the Mutual UFO Network. He was also regional investigator for the Center for UFO Studies directed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Stringfield was an executive with DuBois Chemicals, an international manufacturer. Stringfield retired in 1981 as Director of Public Relations and Marketing Services for DuBois Chemicals, a division of Chemed, Corp, after 31 years service with the company. From 1967-1968 he served as an Early Warning Coordinator for the University of Colorado UFO Project, screening UFO reports for possible scientific study. Stringfield was also advisor to Sir Eric Gairy, former Prime Minister of Grenada, 1977-78, during his efforts to establish a UFO research agency within the framework of the United Nations. He passed away in 1994.

The Janos People by Frank Johnson, 1978

Late one night in June 1978, while travelling in their car on a lonely road in Oxfordshire, a family of three adults and two small children were intercepted by a large spaceship, and were taken on board for nearly an hour, during which the flying saucer made a short trip.

They saw - inside the ship - on film, how the Janos people lived -their clothes, houses and gardens, boats, lakes, and food and vegetation. They watched, in horror, how a rain of giant rocks fell from the sky, as Saton, their nearest moon, broke up and fell in fragments on to the planet, wrecking cities and covering the ground with a layer of immense boulders. They saw a nuclear power station explode as the rocks struck it, and the chain reaction which caused every power station on Janos to blow up, sending great clouds of radioactive dust swirling around the planet.

They saw the immense ring-shaped ship, which was built in space, with many lesser saucer ships, to evacuate the population and take them to another world.

Finally, they were told of the hopes of the Janos people, people like ourselves, numbering ten million, who now wait in space, in our solar system, waiting to be allowed to land and start life again.

'This book,' says the author, a retired academic with a background in biology and a research interest in the biology of 'humanoids; 'contains so many 'first times' that I have scarcely troubled to indicate them. Ufology looks quite different after experiencing this investigation. The story is sensational.'

Thiaoouba Prophecy by
Michel Desmarquet, January, 1989

I have written this book as the result of orders received and which I have obeyed. Further, it is an account of events that happened to me personally - this I affirm.


I imagine that, to some extent, this extraordinary story will appear to some readers as science fiction - a story entirely invented - but I do not have the imagination that such a fabrication would require. This is not science fiction.


The reader of good faith will be able to recognise the truth in the message I transmit from my new friends to the people of the planet Earth.


This message, in spite of numerous references to races and religions, reflects neither racial nor religious bias on behalf of the author.

UFO Contact from Iarga

This book is the account of a meeting with the crew of a spacecraft from a distant solar system in our milky-way. There are many who claim to have spoken with alien beings, often resulting in strange or garbled stories, so many in fact that their credibility has decreased to almost zero. After my own experience, I think that I understand the cause of the problem. The honesty of these people is beyond reproach, but their ability as observers may leave much to be desired. These experiences take place in the zones between our normal, material method of communication, and the immaterial method that we usually describe as thought transference or telepathy. With this, the conditioning of the observer determines the quality of the reception. For example, subjects which do not affect him personally will, within his abilities, be received with the greatest clarity; whereas anything that touches him emotionally will be strongly biased or not received at all. Due to this, even a sworn statement from a completely trustworthy observer is useless, because no guarantee can be given that he knows what really confronts him.

UFO Contact From Planet Koldas by Wendelle Stevens and Carl Van Vlierden.

The story of Edwin White's UFO contact in South Africa that was meticulously researched by Van Vlierden over several years. The contact began because a human ET graduate student in an alien space academy on the planet Koldas was required to live and support himself for several years on an extra-planetary body and chose Earth as his instructor had years earlier. Earth's variety of life and its human institutions of money and religion fascinated the ET graduate student. The young human ET student took on work at an electronics assembly plant and befriended Edwin White.
White took the ET to various different churches to study the belief systems, and just before the ET was to be picked up by others from Koldas, he modified a ham radio so that he and White could maintain contact with each other. Contact continued through the ham radio receiver, which was later confiscated by government agents. At that point, the ETs turned to using direct voice transmissions with White.  The contactee was pursued by hordes of visitors with varying intentions, as well as being constantly surveyed. White and his wife sought privacy and quiet even as his closest friends protected them from constant public and government harassment.
The researcher Van Vlierden talked with all of the witnesses and White's inner circle, who were cautious, non-attention-seeking people who had been involved with the contactee for many years and who themselves were carefully investigating the strange case to satisfy their own curiosity and gain understanding.  Van Vlierden's research led him to information about an extra-terrestrial organization that operated more than three hundred bases on Earth.

UFO Contact from Planet Ummo by Antonio Ribera

Two separate photographers - unknown to each other - took pictures of the UMMO ship that had landed and left tripod landing marks. This happened when the Ummo-group left Earth at this time - when they were afraid of a possible upcoming atomic war Are there extra-terrestrial beings living among us on Earth? Events surrounding two spectacular Spanish UFO sightings suggest that this case is a fact. 
The UMMO-case is a mystery with plenty of clues along the trail. Whatever the truth, this is in every way a refreshing change from the more usual alleged encounters with people from other worlds; as the Ummites themselves explained:
We have not come to bring you a new doctrine, as prophets descending from the skies to teach a new physics or mathematics or preach a new religion, or offering you panaceas for your social or patho-psychological ills. 

UFO Contact from the Pleiades by Wendelle Stevens

As a young man, Eduard "Billy" Meier began experiencing contacts with a female cosmonaut, named Asket, who said that she came from what she called the DAL Universe, a counterpart universe to ours, and the reason for which we exist.
Asket led Meier through all of the world's great religins, and Meier became a lay teacher of each, in preparation for his future role in disseminating Pleiadian understanding to Earth humanity. Asket took Meier to the very doors of death on a number of occasions to prepare him for his future role with visitors from the Pleiades.

UFO Contacts of Bob Renaud

The Korendians made contact with Bob Renaud in July 1961 as he was trying to pick up BBC Radio on his short wave set. Robert P. Renaud, an 18 year old Ham Radio Operator - working for General Electric - a electronics wizard and inventor, living in his parents home, in his basement bedroom converted to his studio-laboratory, picked up a strange beep high in the 25 meter band that overshadowed BBC. When he tuned in on the beep, it stopped and a clear soft feminine voice greeted him from a spaceship from Planet Korendor. She called him by his first name and said that they had been trying to get his attention before. The Korendians instructed him in how to modify his home built short wave radio set to receive them better. Then after a few radio contacts they helped him to modify his home built TV set to pick up their images on the vidicon tube while he spoke to them on radio.. Those contacts continued and developed into face-to-face meetings and even into going on trips with them, in their craft, for months and years. He kept careful notes on his contacts. This case is not well known in the USA.

The Contact Reports of "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier: a topical listing up to 117th contact

 A general listing of topics, names & places mentioned in the Contact Reports of the events & discussions between "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier and extraterrestrial human beings. In some places a rough (and incomplete) summary is given, along with selected quotes. The listings are generally in the order that they are mentioned within a contact. Some topics are not listed as they are not easily labeled, such as incidents or discussions relating to spiritual teachings & development, responsibility, psychology and similar matters. To use this listing effectively, use your internet browser's word-find function.



Masquerade of Angels by Karla Turner, Ph.D.

 Whatever you want to call it, there is a force at work—or at large—in this world that can move us around like pieces on a board game. Most of us go through life thinking that we are in control of things, hardly aware of subtle touches from fate’s hand. In the disguise of coincidence, it rarely reveals itself. But in the lives of some people, these manipulations are more direct, more blatant, and often more terrifying than our worst nightmares. As a researcher into a phenomenon of highest strangeness, the abduction of humans by non-human beings, I have talked with many sane people whose experiences include bizarre encounters with ‘alien’ entities performing physical procedures on them and delivering messages of predictions, warnings, and esoteric information. In most of these cases, alien encounters seem to be rare intrusions into an otherwise normal life.

Taken by Karla Turna (Inside the Alien/Human Agenda)
The true nature and purpose of the intelligence, or intelligences, remains an enigma. The eight women in this book report communications ranging from telepathic thoughts to virtual reality dreams, but there is no coherent single truth that emerges from their experiences, nor from the hundreds of others in the abduction syndrome since the 1960s. The sheer number of different messages, often contradictory, produces confusion, mistrust and a sense of manipulation, even if that manipulation inspires positively or disturbs negatively.

“Perfectly real aliens exist out there,” says one of the women in TAKEN, “and it seems one kind wants to help us and another kind wants to deceive us.”

As each voice is offered for public consideration, there are themes that repeat. One of the most prominent is genetic harvesting from earth life to create a hybrid species. TAKEN suggests the possibility that an alien intelligence has been using genetic manipulation to create evolving species on our planet over eons and that Homo sapiens sapiens might be one such genetically engineered species.

Into the Fringe by Karla Turner
Here was my husband, a man of greatintelligence and analytical ability, telling me about two different childhood encoutners with non-human beings.....





 Please visit Kay's website 
by Kay Wilson
Forgot What I Wasn’t Supposed To Remember is an expanded view of the abduction phenomenon and contains details that are certain to be firsts regarding the reporting of this phenomenon to the public. Wilson has continued to experience a high level of interaction with several types of alien intelligences including different types of Greys, various stages of alien-human Hybrids, Blondes or Nordics, Short Pudgy Beings, Tan Wrinkled Beings, Interdimensional Beings, Super Conscious Beings and incorporeal influences. Wilson’s illustrations and descriptions of many of these Beings are included in this book.


The Agenda by Beverley Fox
This book is being written especially for those abductees or any others who have been made to feel insignificant. In all the books and references I have read there has been no attempt to find out what God has to say on the subject

It seems organized Christian religion has ultimately failed these people in their quest for an answer, relegating the problem to over active imaginations or demon possession.

It is my hope that this book will challenge the Christian community to deal with this as a real problem and an insidious danger, not only to abductees and their families, but to society as a whole. These aliens have the ability to cast doubt on God’s very existence. They offer themselves as the solution to all of mankind’s problems and as our only chance for survival in the coming cataclysmic events.

People who have been tortured, terrorized, and demoralized need and deserve some real answers. They need to know that God is still there and still cares. I hope the rest of the Christian community will wake up and see what is going on and deal with this real, not imaginary, crisis!

If everyone knew what God’s plan for the human race really is, they would see they have no reason to fear.

Earth belongs to us for eternity.

Chasing Phantoms by Carissa Conti
When it comes to abduction research, it's difficult to get a clear handle on what is exactly being done, to whom, how and most importantly...why. We're chasing after phantoms most of the time, because "they", be it Aliens, or military black ops, are very good at wiping out nearly all the memories, planting red herrings and screen memories, and covering their tracks wioth minimal evidence left behind.

Mars by Percival Lowell

Incredible analysis of the possibility of life on the planet Mars. The book is fully illustrated with black and white diagrams of Mars from numerous angles and extensive mathematical proofs in the "notes" section. The author is well ahead of his time in his analysis of life on Mars. This book was originally published in 1908 and this is a facsimile reprint of the first edition including black and white illustrations. An incredible work of interest to astronomers, Science fiction buffs and anyone interested in UFOs, life on Mars or other planets and even philiosopy.

 My Trip to Mars by William Fergusson

This is a short account by an early UFO contactee. Mr. Ferguson, who also wrote a pamphlet called Relax First, tells us without any trace of irony that 'I had become adept at the art of relaxation.' One day in 1938, while 'relaxing,' he has an out-of-body experience, during which he takes a trip to Mars and meets its kindly, optimistic inhabitants. Naturally, they have a epochal message for Mr. Ferguson...

Operation Mind Control by Walter Bowart.

Huge Government "cryptocracy" dedicated to controlling human minds.

The Agenda by Beverly Fox

This book is being written especially for those abductees or any others who have been made to feel insignificant. In all the books and references I have read, there has been no attempt to find out what God has to say on the subject. When people are afraid and helpless and don’t know where to turn, they need to know that God is still there and that He does have the answers.

It seems organized Christian religion has ultimately failed these people in their quest for an answer, relegating the problem to over active imaginations or demon possession.

It is my hope that this book will challenge the Christian community to deal with this as a real problem and an insidious danger, not only to abductees and their families, but to society as a whole. These aliens have the ability to cast doubt on God’s very existence. They offer themselves as the solution to all of mankind’s problems and as our only chance for survival in the coming cataclysmic events.

People who have been tortured, terrorized, and demoralized need and deserve some real answers. They need to know that God is still there and still cares. I hope the rest of the Christian community will wake up and see what is going on and deal with this real, not imaginary, crisis!

If everyone knew what God’s plan for the human race really is, they would see they have no reason to fear.

Earth belongs to us for eternity.

The official MONITOR of the Texas Masons

This is the 'Monitor' of the Texas Masons. It describes ceremonies, including the those used for the three major initiations and the burial rite. The Monitor has model speeches and prayers for various occasions, and defines the order of Masonic processions. The Texas Monitor is similar to the monitors of other states. Keep in mind that for copyright purposes, the source text for this is an older version of the Texas Monitor. The current Texas Monitor has undoubtedly changed slightly since this edition was published.


 The Dulce Book by Branton
What's going on near Dulce, New Mexico? Above Top Secret Military-Industrial Black Projects? Headquarters for a Bavarian-backed New World Order? Vanguard for Alien Infiltration and Invasion? Massive Intelligence Agency Disinformation? Collective Mind Control or Mass Hallucination? All of or a Combination of The Above?


The report on Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward J Ruppelt
This is the first serious book about UFOs to be written by anyone actively connected with the official investigation of these phenomena. As chief of the Air Force project assigned to the investigation and analysis of UFOs, Mr. Ruppelt and his staff studied over 4,500 reports and discussed them with everyone from out-and-out crackpots to top-level scientists and generals

All reports received were subjected to military intelligence analysis procedures. Astronomers, physicists, aerodynamic engineers, and psychologists were consulted in the course of the Air Force's exhaustive investigations. The official Air Technical Intelligence Center reports of their findings, many details from which are revealed for the first time in this book, contain some completely baffling detailed accounts of UFO sightings by thoroughly reliable witnesses.

 Here are the complete official accounts of the classic cases - the Lubbock Lights, the Utah Movies, the Florida Scoutmaster, the
Washington Sightings - as well as a wealth of less- publicized but equally amazing incidents.

 While others who have written books and articles on UFOs imply that they were conferring with officials in the inner sanctum, Mr. Ruppelt, as this fascinating book makes clear, was the inner sanctum.

 A Comprehensive Briefing by Ed Komarek

No one can ever really escape their past. I was born into a family of early ecologists. When I reached seventeen years of age, I traveled to Alaska to go to college. This was about as far from South Georgia where I was born and raised as I could get. At 19 I quit college and took off on my own to figure out what life was really about, and in the process began investigating extraterrestrial life coming to earth. I realized in those early days that most of humanities worldview was just too limited and confining for me and that anomalous phenomena provided windows and doorways into a much more expansive worldview.

Come Sail Away by Guy Malone

Well, there can be little doubt these days that something is going on. We’re not in Kansas anymore. For fifty years now reports from sources both reliable and not-so-reliable have been filing in from every part of the planet. Reports about strange lights in the skies, about beings that abduct people for reasons as yet undetermined, and reports of government cover-up continue to fill not only our newspapers and tabloids, but our "mysterious phenomenon" television shows, our radio call-in hours, and especially the internet. Polls show that over 50% of Americans believe that the U.S. government currently withholds evidence and information about these "sightings," and an almost equal number believe that they’ve personally seen a UFO.

Cosmic Voyage by Courtney Brown PhD

Dr. Brown made his discoveries using a process called Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV) - a procedure originally developed by the U.S. military as a highly classified and strangely effective spy system. Brown himself was trained in this method by a former member of the military unit that specialized in remote viewing. Now the author has taken a technique designed as a verifiable and stunningly accurate espionage tool and turned it toward the heavens.

The results of his work are truly staggering. This fascinating book suggests that at least two alien civilizations may have been and continue to be intimately involved with Earth humans:

A Martian race who, having barely survived an ancient natural catastrophe on their own world, still struggle to survive underneath the surface of their nearly dead planet.

The Greys - a seemingly highly advanced humanoid people who nearly destroyed themselves by wanton abuse of their environment - now seek to enhance their own evolution.

Yet there is more. Using SRV, Brown suggests the existence of a distant galactic federation of extraterrestrial civilizations, which humans may one day be fortunate enough to join - if we survive Earth's coming planetary crises.

Shocking, moving, and ultimately inspiring, Cosmic Voyage not only offers new possibilities about alien visitors, but also suggests that we may have stumbled across the first direct evidence of the existence of the human soul. It also outlines a path toward potential interstellar diplomacy that may one day prove the true salvation of the people of Earth.

Cosmic Explorers by Courtney Brown PhD

The U.S. military has long used remote viewing as a means of spying on potential or actual enemies. Dr. Brown developed the technique further, producing uncannily accurate information about verifiable targets. Now he applies these techniques in an unusual direction, and speculates that the remnants of a Martian race may be struggling to survive in buried recesses on their own devastated planet, and he further explores the idea that the Greys - a seemingly highly evolved humanoid race - may be seeking a new future for themselves. He also raises the possibility of yet a third previously unknown alien civilization: a warlike race that may have its own frightening agenda for our planet.

Cosmos by Carl Sagan
Our ancestors were eager to understand the world but had not quite stumbled upon the method. They imagined a small, quaint, tidy universe in which the dominant forces were gods like Anu, Ea, and Shamash. In that universe humans played an important if not a central role. We were intimately bound up with the rest of nature. The treatment of toothache with second-rate beer was tied to the deepest cosmological mysteries.


Pentagon Alien by William Lyne

Lyne's book is THE most important book published to date on the origin of "saucers" as man-made craft using stolen Tesla technology. Although Pentagon Aliens and its author are seldom mentioned by others, they have had a major impact on the UFO field. In fact, I believe all other UFO books need to be compared to Lyne's Pentagon Aliens to see whether they can hold up to Lyne's information on Tesla, ether propulsion and military disinformation.

Return of the Stargods by Richard Vizzutti

I write this book for the all the lonely Bible discerners out there such as myself. We discerners like digging up scriptures and investigating them from all angles. What we learn, we keep to ourselves. A good cop does not tell his wife or friends what he has discovered because it is too bizarre, too uncomfortable, and far too risky to tell others. So we learn in time to hold it all in and go on with are regular lives. Bible detectives learn things that change them forever. Things we never noticed in the past come to mind and suddenly make sense. There is evil all around as a great spiritual warfare rages on. You try to share with friends at church but they just don’t get it. They tell you to not be so negative and not be dwelling on such negative things. Focus on salvation and the love of Jesus they say. Then you go to your pastor and he gives you a warm smile to hide a blank expression in the eyes.

Steps to the Stars by Daniel Fry

The establishment of contact between earthmen and extraterrestrials, is by no means a new phenomenon. Individual instances of such contact have been recorded as far back as the written history of the earth can trace. They usually take place at a time when our earthly civilization, or some deserving portion of it, is in dire need of such assistance. The possibility of such contacts is usually doubted and denied by almost everyone except those who are actually contacted, yet some great good, some definite advance along the path toward true civilization seems invariably to follow such a visitation.

The Great Flying Saucer Wave, by Michael D hall & Wendy  A Connors.


We must be cautious of the hubris of the present. When UFOs first appeared in numbers during the great flying saucer wave of 1947, few people made the jump to an extraterrestrial hypothesis. The subject of this book, Alfred Loedding, is significant because he did eventually lean toward that assumption. Because he played such an instrumental role in the first official Air Force investigation into the phenomena, it is important to analyze the progression of his theories



   The Mars records 1 & 2 by Stephanie Relfe

Bio feedback meter sessions where a man regained his hidden memories of Military service on Mars

The Threat by David Jacobs

David M. Jacobs lives with his wife, Irene, and two children, Evan and Alexander, in a suburb of Philadelphia. He is associate professor of history at Temple University in Philadelphia. He has been a UFO researcher since the mid-1960s and is the author of numerous articles, papers, and presentations on the UFO and abduction phenomena.

 His previous books include The UFO Controversy in America (Indiana University Press, 1975) and Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions (Simon & Schuster, 1992). He is considered the world's foremost academic scholar on the UFO and abduction phenomenon, and he teaches the only regular curriculum course on the subject in the United States.

Blueprint for a Prison Planet by Nick Sandberg

Increasing numbers of people believe that humanity is on the edge of a major evolutionary leap. And there is mounting evidence that many children born now are more developed than those before them. This may be the reason for the near epidemic in cases of hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder now being diagnosed in the West.

Those familiar with chaos theory and how living systems evolve will be aware that evolution does not proceed in a smooth and linear fashion. What typically happens is that a few members of a species evolve, followed by a major rearguard action thrown up by nature. Eventually the pressure builds up to such a level that nothing can stop the inevitable and the whole species rapidly rises to a new level of coherence and order. In the ancient writings of the East whence the elite derive their esoteric knowledge, it is believed that the ego, the sense of self, is ultimately just a defensive response we develop to block the experience of primordial fear. And thus it may be that the centuries of the elite's culture, the culture of the ego, is merely a natural rearguard action waiting to be swept away. Reach up and the future is ours.
Occult Theocracy by Lady Queenborough
This book makes no claim to literary merit. It is simply a work of research and documentation, giving evidence and facts, which I trust, will help the reader in drawing his own conclusions. In the course of my researches as an international political investigator into the causes of social unrest, I have probed the depths of infamy which now surrounds, not ours only, but also the next generation, whose right to lead a decent life should be as good as was ours. As a woman of the world I have witnessed things the existence of which I did not suspect and I have realised that, due to my " protected " position in life, they should never have been expected to come to my knowledge. Let me tell every woman, however much " protected", whether Dairymaid or Duchess, that the safeguards which she imagines to be thrown around herself are but a mirage of the past. Her own and her children's future are at the mercy of those " forces " the activities of which it has been my business, for the last ten years, to follow as one of a group of investigators.
Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer

My first thought when I received the package of documents from Mrs. MacElroy was: "This is just another set of Majestic-12 documents".2 (Footnote) I am referring to a "mysterious package" reportedly received by mail in 1984 shortly after the death of the last surviving member of the so called "Majestic-12" committee, alleged to have been organized by President Harry Truman shortly after the Roswell incident in 1947. There are several similarities to the "Majestic-12" documents and the package I received from Mrs. MacElroy. In the case of the former, an envelope was sent from an anonymous sender with no return address. It contained an undeveloped roll of film. That's all. On the roll of film were photos of documents that were assumed to be authentic by the recipient and his colleagues whose vested interest, i.e. livelihood, depend heavily on attracting public notice and credibility to themselves as "leading authorities" on the subject of UFO phenomena. They have worked relentlessly since then to discover "proof" that the documents are authentic. Of course, government agencies deny everything alleged in the documents andanything having to do with the subject of extraterrestrials in general.

Alien Mind by George LoBuono (Generous permission given as free E Book by George Lobuono)

"I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth." -President Harry Truman, April 4, 1950 White House press conference.

"For the next two or three days the saucers passed over the base daily. Sometimes they appeared in groups of four, other times as many as sixteen. They could outmaneuver and outflank us seemingly at will. They moved at varying speeds--sometimes very fast, sometimes slow--and other times they would come to a dead stop as we zoomed past underneath." --Astronaut Gordon Cooper, describing his first direct encounters with UFO's while serving as a military pilot in Germany. (from Leap of Faith, GordonCooper’s autobiography, p. 91)

Alien revelation by Tony Ruggerio

The climactic conclusion to Tony Ruggerio’s Alien Deception! Death has many meanings. For some it is an end while for others it is a beginning. Yet, for one human/alien hybrid, it is a way to have one final chance to try and save his home, the planet Earth, a son he has never seen, and find an enemy that just won’t stay dead.

And the Truth Will Set you Free by David Icke

How little we know of the scale of eternity. How dare we challenge the might and enormity

of such wisdom and creation. A million worlds could exist in the heavens... beyond our site.

Each with living beings, looking at the sky in wonder at the never ending universe.

They may also think that no other intelligence exists...apart from themselves.

But perhaps they do not share the arrogance of the human race. Perhaps they possess the intelligence to realize that all things are possible in the vastness of forever...

Is it conceivable, that this earth of ours, which is but a speck of dust against the scale of reality,

is not only being visited by other life forms but is being controlled by them.

Let us not be blinded by our arrogance as to what is possible and what is not.

Because we are children at the dawn of our creation with the universe as our classroom

and intelligence beyond our imagination waiting to be tapped... when we are ready to receive it.

Infinite Love Is The Only Truth, Everything Else Is An Illusion by David Icke

David Icke's new book picks up where the final section of his Tales From The Time Loop left off - in examining the nature of consciousness and reality. There is less focus on the details of Illuminati history and more examination of how all is a virtual reality game - the "Matrix," generated by Consciousness itself to challenge itself and explore the possibilities of existence when separation and limitation are the basis of perception. Icke throws in a number of interesting photos, including his nude self from I am Me I am Free, Neil Hague's metaphysical art, holographic 3D images, and Dr. Emoto's water crystals as popularized by the What The Bleep Do We Know movie. This book seems to me a positive step for Icke, but the title is problematic due to the nature of associations of the world "love." All things considered, this a great book to expand your mind with and help in deprogramming oneself from the confines of this experiential reality matrix. The illusions exist only as consciousness perceives itself in limited (filtered, programmed) ways. Icke is a truly groundbreaking author in connecting holistic science, spiritual development, and research into dark polarity power structures. By helping us understand these topics he has employed some nice wit and come to the realization that it's all an Illusion of sorts.

The Robots Rebellion by David Icke

Who really controls the world and the daily lives of everyone in it?
Who is behind the manipulation of the world economic system, environmental destruction and the cynical provision of drugs to the young? *Who is to blame for the suppression of spiritual knowledge and the engineering of wars and conflict across the globe? Is there a massive cover-up about the activities of the UFOs and extraterrestrials on earth? David Icke has the answers. And, in the Robots Rebellion, one of the most controversial and challenging Tours of the modern times, he is not afraid to point the finger! Nothing of importance happens by accident, says Icke - from the engineering and funding of world wars to the murders of such inspiring figures as John & Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and John Lennon.

Tales From The Loop By David Icke

Tales From The Time Loop is the most comprehensive book yet written about the global conspiracy that is now unfolding all around us. David Icke has been warning for well over a decade of the plan for a world fascist state, a global version of Nazi Germany, in which the people will be prisoners of a Big Brother dictatorship founded on the suppression of the most fundamental freedoms, total control and surveillance! Today there is a gathering awareness that he was right. People are realizing that Big Brother is no Longer coming he is here!

Icke pulls together his fantastic wealth of accumulated knowledge to reveal the multi-levels of this fascist conspiracy. He begins in the five-sense world with a highly detailed exposure of the forces, methods and agenda behind the war on terrorism, the invasion of Iraq and the planned conquest of the Middle East and elsewhere. He goes on to explore the other-dimensional connection to the human manipulators and then reveal how our sense of reality  what we think is real is being implanted in our minds, by the second, while we believe we are thinking for ourselves!

In early 2003, Icke had some amazing experiences in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil that revealed to him, as never before, that the world we think is real is only an illusion; a lucid and manipulated dream that he calls the Matrix! In Tales From The Time Loop, he shares those experiences and details the scientific support for what he learned about the illusion we call daily life. Icke says this section of the book is the most important work he has published. It is, he says, the knowledge that will set us free and take us home

The Biggest Secret by David Icke

David Ickes most powerful and explosive book to date includes the astonishing background to the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales.  Every man, woman and child on the planet is affected by the stunning information that Icke exposes. He reveals in documented, sourced detail, how the same interconnecting bloodlines have controlled the planet for thousands of years.  How they created all the major religions and suppressed the spiritual and esoteric knowledge that will set humanity free from its mental and emotional prisons. - It includes a devastating expose of the true origins of Christianity and the other major religions and documents the suppressed science, which explains why the world is facing a time of incredible change and transformation.  The Biggest secret also exposes the true and astonishing background to the British Royal Family and, through enormous research and unique contacts, he reveals how and why Diana, Princess of Wales was murdered in Paris in 1997. This includes information from a close confidant of Diana for nine years, which has never before been made public.

I Am Me I am Free by David Icke

With humor and powerful insight, David Icke exposes the mental and emotional prisons which billions of people build around themselves, and offers the key to liberation.

Ingo Swann, remove viewing. Rare Book