Jim Sparks Book
Alien Abductee Jim Sparks was taken aboard a UFO and forced to learn Alien symbols, thought activation technology and to deliver a message to Mankind. Jim's case has been validated by Harvard Psychiatrist John Mack who has validated this experience.

多年來, Jim Sparks 被外星人多次擄走到一幽浮中,期間,他被強制學習外星人符號、啟動思維科技(暫譯)及藉以傳遞訊息與地球人類。 Jim 的個案已被哈佛著名精神病學家 John
Mack 所監定。

"With every encounter Jim had a shift in consciousness"勿錯過機會。

"每一次的接觸,Jim 的意識都有所轉變。"

Jim Sparks has written a book translated into Chinese for those people interested to learn more about his experience. Jim is one of the few who has total recall of his abduction experiences.

Jim Sparks