What does Larry King Live have to say about UFO'S  NOVEMBER 2007
Out of the   The secret of    Global warming  What the      What the       Secret evidence  Best evidence
Blue.            Redgate.          swindle              bleep Pt:1     bleep Pt:2     Nick Cook            for doubters

Best documentaries (over 1 hour)

Dan Aykroyd   Maurizio Baiata    UFO's are real
Unplugged      & Col. Corso

Best documentaries (over 1 hour)
Alien Abduction  Phil Schneider  Disclosure Project   UFO Story         Exotic Technology
Debra                 Lecture/death Dr Greer                                           David Adair                
Abduction         Horrific true     Most important      High priority    ET retro engineering
Pt:1              Pt:2               Pt:3                          incredible (10 minutes)  Timothy Wyllie (5 minutes)
A controlled  Moon ruins     2012                        explaining all about       The Helianx awakens
world            Latest                                            dimensions                    Poetry with conciousness
Richard Hoaglands amazing three hour          Education:                     Poetic - Angelic exo-concious
documentary revealing smuggled film
of glass domes on the moon, control
mechanisms on humanity and the odds
of disaster during the plantery line up
and Mayan calender date of 2012
            18TH JAN 2008
Pt:1              Pt:2             Pt:3             Pt:4             Pt:5            Pt:6
What does Larry King say about the Jan 2008 Stephensville, Texas sightings 18th JAN 2008
                                                                                 27TH JAN 2008
Pt:1              Pt:2
Larry King nudges towards disclosure 27th January 2008