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Filmaker JAKE GOULD'S gift to Exopolitics. Answers to all the questions regarding the extra terrestrial issue, explained by DR MICHAEL SALLA Ph.D, PAOLA HARRIS, STEPHEN BASSET, NEIL GOULD AND the kings and queens of Exopolitics.

This website was created by Neil Gould who promotes exopolitical awareness in Hong Kong, China Neil is a Director of the Exopolitics Institute, Incorporated in the State of Hawaii, USA, April 7, 2005 (see by-laws).

Exopolitics Hong Kong is a member of the Exopolitics World Network. 

Hong Kong’s Exopolitics website, will bring you updated news on key individuals, political institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life.

For example, after disclosure, what will be deemed as prior art with regard to patents (IPR)? Many pret ciptomonede extra terrestrials are totally human in appearence and have had prior knowledge of just about everything in our Patent offices. So, how far do we extend the legal public domain?

New legal language will be needed to describe agreements with regard to galactic diplomacy. Exopolitics Hong Kong is working on a galactic document, being the starting point for legal cosmic agreements with extraterrestrials.

By the time you have looked through this website you will realise that there is an Elite group of people controlling this world and our reality.

We will be working towards bringing you information on Contactees in China. An ex Governor of China believes that extra terrestrials live amongst us. It is a slow and precarious route to put together the China ET/UFO jigsaw, it needs time. We wish to make it clear to the authorities, that our activities are scientific and nothing to do with any politicals groups what so ever. It is in our interest to help China obtain free energy (ZPE) by way of systems hidden by the US secret military complex since the Roswell crash half a decade ago. (See CHINA'S ROSWELL VIDEO)

In China it is hard to separate "the quacks" from the truthful contactees. Many seek attention in order to make friends with westerners. I am working together with Moon Fong of the HK UFO Club to bring Chinese contactees and their stories, out into the open.

UFO sightings in China are plentifull, many go unreported.

Throughout the world, mainstream institutions of humanity have denied the people of this planet knowledge of the presence of extra terrestrials, whilst they rape the planet of its precious resources and keep our addiction to bitcoin exchange oil as a priority. Watch the Disclosure project

View the Paradigm Research groups' extensive New PRG Video Archive 

ET's have been working with the US Military for many years. See Charles Hall Phd.
Read articles on ET's amongst us Michael Salla Phd

Do you want to weep? Listen to Sgt Clifford Stone, a Dislosure Project witness (under oath) tell you about his job in the military, retrieving crashed flying saucers. He tells of 58 species of humanoid ET'S visiting us. Tears pour statii grafice from his eyes as he tells how he helped an ET escape.

Sgt Major Bob Dean majored in ancient history, psychology, and philosophy at Indiana University
Mr. Dean's history includes forty years of research in the UFO field. He spent twenty-seven years of active duty in the US Army where he retired as Command Sergeant Major after serving as a highly decorated infantry combat veteran. 

Once NASA's true agenda is exposed, the history of Humans and the ET DNA within us will have to be rewritten and the artifacts and structures on Mars and the moon, explained to the people of Earth. 

This film was intercepted live by a Canadian TV station and clearly shows UFO's in the UV spectrum whilst the space shuttle was experimenting with a tether in space. A smoking gun.

Coalition for freedom of information brings updated news. Keep informed here.

Thanks to Billy Booth for his archived collection of UFO sightings and encounters.

Science will be rewritten post ET contact. The current model of the solar system and its so-called snowball comets will be exposed as completely false. The Electric Universe 

Over 55 images of artificial structures on Mars in a slide show. Click the word forward..> on each slide to progress.

Do you know the Bush and Cheney atitude to UFO'S? Very worrying. Do you know about the CIA'S role in study of UFO'S?

Extra terrestrials and their flying craft have been on earth for perhaps millions of years. They are reflected in the art of ancient tribes and in the art of our old painting masters.

9/11 terror attack, hear the news from Jim Marrs. Let the tape get past the music (3minutes) and Jim will tell you like it is. Be prepared for a shock. Exopolitics brings home news that you do not expect because of the Media truth embargo.

What about 2012 ? We keep hearing of new planets and another sun out there. Does this have anything to do with the cyclical return of planet Nibiru as depicted on the 6000 year old Sumerian Seals?

The crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, ET bodies retrieved. Hidden by the US Military Intelligence services. Now you can see the Affidavit of Lt. Walter G Haut, given on his deathbed that he saw the crashed craft and the ET bodies. You can listen to a radio broadcast on that page.

Exopolitics Hong Kong, keeping you informed of all events hidden by the media .

Many thanks
Neil Gould